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The Wild, Wild West: Saloon showcases American frontier, cowboy history

23 Feb 2018 22:56

So, a guy walks into a bar –and in this case, stumbles upon not just any bar—an historic western saloon on the old frontier with original artifacts displayed throughout.

Swarm of 200 earthquakes strikes Yellowstone super volcano

23 Feb 2018 19:54

A swarm of more than 200 earthquakes struck Yellowstone National Park over the past two weeks, but that probably doesn't mean the "big one" is coming anytime soon, according to geologists from the park.

Long-lost Babe Ruth WWII-era radio interview found in obscure archive

23 Feb 2018 16:00

Nearly 70 years after his passing, the Sultan of Swat is still knocking them out of the park.

Rare Beatles letter surfaces, up for auction in the UK

23 Feb 2018 15:07

A rare letter from the Beatles to an Atlanta DJ is up for auction in the U.K. this weekend.

Did crystals from ancient lakes on Mars form these tiny, weird things?

23 Feb 2018 15:00

NASA's Curiosity rover on Mars found tiny, dark bumps on a Martian ridge that are similar to those found around gypsum crystals that form in drying lakes on Earth, according to a statement from the space agency.

Ancient statue of Nubian king found in Nile River temple

23 Feb 2018 11:56

Remains of a 2,600-year-old statue with an inscription written in Egyptian hieroglyphics has been discovered in a temple at Dangeil, an archaeological site along the Nile River in Sudan.

Who created these strange, ancient sculptures hidden in the Saudi desert?

23 Feb 2018 11:55

There's a place in the desert where the ghosts of camels seem to loom out of ancient rocks.

Major biblical discovery: Archaeologists may have found the Prophet Isaiah's 'signature'

22 Feb 2018 20:54

Archaeologists in Israel say that they have found a clay seal mark that may bear the signature of the Biblical Prophet Isaiah.

When iceberg broke off, marine habitat hidden for 120G years emerged

22 Feb 2018 16:30

When an iceberg the size of Delaware separated from the Larsen C ice shelf last July, it uncovered an Antarctic marine habitat that had been hidden from the rest of the world for over 120,000 years, Quartz reports.

NASA's $1B tower is leaning

22 Feb 2018 16:30

Since 2011, NASA has been upgrading a mobile launcher originally built for the Ares I vehicle to fit its massive Space Launch System rocket.

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