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Civil War soldier’s gravestone discovered, may offer vital clue to long-lost African-American cemetery

22 Feb 2019 20:14

Archaeologists in Delaware have discovered the tombstone of an African-American Civil War soldier provides a vital clue in uncovering a long-lost cemetery.

What really killed the dinosaurs? New studies suggest volcanoes may have played a part

22 Feb 2019 18:08

The mass extinction event that killed the dinosaurs is commonly thought to have been triggered by a massive asteroid that struck the Earth 66 million years ago. However, a pair of new studies believe that a huge volcanic eruption may have also played a role in the dino demise.

Mountain lions roaming Colorado town in pride of about 10 'troubles' officials

22 Feb 2019 16:11

Colorado wildlife officials issued a warning for the residents of Edwards this week after discovering a pride of 8 to 10 lions has been "roaming" neighborhoods in the area.

Haunting photos show dozens of gas masks littering Chernobyl as nature reclaims nuclear plant blast site

22 Feb 2019 16:08

Eerie photographs taken recently show how nature is reclaiming an abandoned town 33 years after the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl.

Israel’s first moon lander launches on SpaceX rocket

22 Feb 2019 15:11

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — An Israeli spacecraft rocketed toward the moon for the country’s first attempted lunar landing, following a launch Thursday night by SpaceX.

Meet Hippocamp: Neptune's smallest moon has a name (and a violent past)

22 Feb 2019 10:30

A faint and frigid little moon doesn't have to go by "Neptune XIV" anymore.

Japan’s Hayabusa2 probe set to 'fire a bullet' into an asteroid

21 Feb 2019 19:37

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's (JAXA) Hayabusa2 spacecraft will briefly touchdown onto asteroid Ryugu Thursday evening, firing a scientific research “bullet” into the space rock.

4-foot-tall T. rex cousin discovered, was a 'harbinger of doom'

21 Feb 2019 18:59

The Tyrannosaurus rex may be among the most well-known and terrifying dinosaurs to walk the Earth, but a newly discovered tiny cousin was likely just as scary.

Two endangered Florida panthers found dead just days apart, wildlife officials say

21 Feb 2019 17:55

Two Florida panthers were found dead days apart from each other, state wildlife officials said.

Israel's Moon landing mission set for liftoff

21 Feb 2019 17:53

Israel will launch its historic mission to land on the Moon when the unmanned Beresheet spacecraft lifts off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket Thursday.

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