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Rapture prediction for April 23 just latest doomsday call

23 Apr 2018 11:00

The world will cease to exist on April 23, according to a prediction that has some laughing, some yawning and yet others making preparations that could leave their lives in shambles.

Man bitten by shark, bear, snake in less than 4 years

22 Apr 2018 18:18

When Dylan McWilliams was bitten by a shark Thursday in Hawaii, it meant he had been bitten by a shark, a bear and a rattlesnake – all in less than four years.

California fault line is 'tectonic time bomb' for disastrous earthquake, researchers say

22 Apr 2018 14:30

Residents in the San Francisco Bay Area are living along a fault that is a "ticking time bomb" that could generate an earthquake that could kill hundreds, according to a report released Wednesday.

California researchers accidentally find 'feisty' rodent thought to have gone extinct 30 years ago

20 Apr 2018 22:15

Researchers from the San Diego Natural History Museum and the non-profit Terra Peninsular were scratching their heads when they found unfamiliar rodents in traps they placed around a field in Baja California.

'Extremely rare' shark seen for first time in a decade at fish market

20 Apr 2018 21:07

A shark that hasn't been seen in more than a decade was found in an unusual location: an Indian fish market.

Giant whale bumps into Maryland pier, shocks fishermen

20 Apr 2018 19:45

A man fishing off of a pier in Maryland had an unexpected encounter with a whale, a video shows.

Lyrid meteor shower peaks this weekend: What to know about the starry spectacle

20 Apr 2018 19:25

The annual Lyrid meteor shower will put on a spectacular display -- with 10 to 20 meteors per hour -- as it peaks this weekend.

Doomsday timeline: Dates when David Meade, others said the world was supposed to end

20 Apr 2018 18:30

The start to the end of the world is coming, according to doomsday writer David Meade.

Knife-wielding monk seal pup spotted on Hawaii beach

20 Apr 2018 17:33

Hawaiian officials are warning beachgoers after a monk seal pup was spotted on a local beach with a knife in its mouth.

Ultrasound found the secret of a people who dive deep

20 Apr 2018 17:00

"They are simply a stranger to the land," an anthropologist says of Southeast Asia's Bajau people, and a new study shows their bodies have changed to account for that.

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