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Alligator goes for a swim at Florida beach

24 Jun 2018 10:48

Beachgoers in Bonita Spring, Florida were treated to a strange sight last week: an alligator going for a swim.

NASA astronaut's 'space map' sparks search for treasure-laden Bahamas shipwrecks

22 Jun 2018 16:35

A remarkable map created in space over 50 years ago could lead a modern-day explorer to the sites of treasure-laden shipwrecks in the Bahamas.

Mysterious remains of extinct ape discovered in ancient Chinese tomb

22 Jun 2018 16:23

Scientists studying bones unearthed from an ancient tomb in China’s Shaanxi Province have discovered the remains of a new but totally extinct species of ape.

NASA unveils stunning 'blue dune' image seen on Mars

22 Jun 2018 14:12

Mars may be known as the Red Planet, but it's a "blue dune" image NASA has released that's got everyone talking.

Leonardo da Vinci's earliest work discovered?

22 Jun 2018 13:40

Experts in Italy say they have found the earliest surviving work by Leonardo da Vinci.

Bill Gates donates $4M to create mosquitoes that kill each other using sex

22 Jun 2018 13:01

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is pouring £3million ($4 million) into a project to create killer mosquitoes that destroy each other through sex.

Antarctica is getting taller and here's why

22 Jun 2018 12:44

Bedrock under Antarctica is rising more swiftly than ever recorded — about 1.6 inches (41 millimeters) upward per year. And thinning ice in Antarctica may be responsible.

Einstein was right! Scientists confirm general relativity works with distant galaxy

22 Jun 2018 12:28

A new study validates Einstein's theory of general relativity in a distant galaxy for the first time.

Epic dust storm on Mars now completely covers the Red Planet

22 Jun 2018 12:24

On Mars, the sky is dust.

Apollo Moon rock rediscovered in Cambodia debuts on display

22 Jun 2018 11:00

A small moon rock gifted to Cambodia by the United States amid the Vietnam War has resurfaced after being all but lost to time and strife.

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