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Navajo families who've never had electricity are for the first time seeing the light

18 Jun 2019 20:58

There is a major effort to power up Native American lands that never had an electrical grid or adequate solar energy.

Rep. Collins on AOC's 'appalling' criticism of border facilities: It's either 'blissful ignorance' or anti-Semitism

18 Jun 2019 20:57

Rep. Doug Collins blasted Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Tuesday on Fox News Radio, calling out her "appalling" comparison of U.S. border facilities to concentration camps.

CBS tweet criticized for focusing on USWNT player Julie Ertz as NFL player's 'wife'

18 Jun 2019 20:55

Man arrested after allegedly rushing Phoenix airport security checkpoint, injuring security officers

18 Jun 2019 20:50

Two security officers with the Transportation Security Administration were injured Tuesday when a man allegedly attempted to rush a security checkpoint in the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Princeton professor calls Trump's tweet about ICE raids a 'terroristic act'

18 Jun 2019 20:46

Princeton Professor of American American studies Eddie Glaude said President Trump has purposely adopted a barbaric immigration policy that seeks to terrorize families with children.

Reported 'dead baby' in New York City park turns out to be doll

18 Jun 2019 20:42

What appeared to be the body of a dead baby in a New York City park was revealed Tuesday to be a realistic-looking doll, much to the relief of authorities.

Over 16 tons of cocaine intercepted at Philadelphia port

18 Jun 2019 20:40

U.S. authorities have seized more than $1 billion worth of cocaine from a ship at a Philadelphia port, calling it one of the largest drug busts in American history.

Officers arrest man who rushed Phoenix airport checkpoint

18 Jun 2019 20:39

Authorities say two Transportation Security Administration officers were injured while subduing a man who tried to rush through a checkpoint Tuesday at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Amy Klobuchar backs 'Green New Deal,' promises executive action on gun control in first 100 days

18 Jun 2019 20:38

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., released a sweeping plan for her first 100 days as president -- touching on a wide range of issues and pledging to reverse many of the decisions made under President Trump's administration.

Florida’s timber industry literally rotting away after Hurricane Michael wipes out 3M acres of trees

18 Jun 2019 20:35

Eight months after Hurricane Michael, Panhandle communities still wait for federal relief—and time is running out.

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