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Rahm Emanuel calls Democrats' 'Medicare-for-all' plan 'insane,' says it will reset '100-year' ObamaCare effort

20 Oct 2019 23:56

The push by many Democrats for "Medicare-for-all" has been "insane" and will reset the progress of ObamaCare, former Obama White House Chief of Staff and ex-Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel warned Sunday.

Battle of Midway: Second World War II-era Japanese carrier apparently found in Pacific

20 Oct 2019 23:37

Deep-sea explorers and historians on Sunday announced they apparently found a second World War II-era Japanese aircraft carrier that sank during the infamous Battle of Midway.

Francis Ford Coppola backs Martin Scorsese's critique of 'despicable' Marvel superhero movies

20 Oct 2019 23:26

Director Francis Ford Coppola some angry rebukes this weekend after he went a step further than Martin Scorsese in his criticism of Marvel superhero movies, calling them “despicable.”

Warren says she'll reveal plan to pay for 'Medicare-for-all' soon, amid fears of rising middle-class taxes

20 Oct 2019 23:23

At a town hall in Indianola, Iowa Sunday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren said in the upcoming weeks she would detail how to pay for her proposal for a government-run "Medicare-for-all" plan.

Mike Pompeo accuses Adam Schiff of running 'kangaroo court,' putting America's safety at risk

20 Oct 2019 23:11

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., is putting America's security at risk by interviewing State Department officials in secret, and should be "embarrassed" by the "kangaroo court" he's overseeing, said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Sunday. 

Climate change in 'history': New England artist uses signs to sound alarms

20 Oct 2019 22:57

An artist in New England is using climate change as his inspiration.

Clinton mocks Trump's Turkey letter with Jimmy Kimmel joke -- but move quickly appears to backfire

20 Oct 2019 22:07

Hillary Clinton -- an increasingly visible critic of both the White House and the 2020 Democratic presidential field -- on Sunday posted a flowery faux letter from John F. Kennedy to Nikita Khrushchev to mock President Trump's recent, casually-worded missive to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Chris Wallace challenges Pete Buttigieg on big-money donor, perception among African-American voters

20 Oct 2019 21:43

"Fox News Sunday" anchor Chris Wallace challenged 2020 presidential candidate and South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg this week about thousands of dollars in campaign contributions he received from a Chicago attorney who previously had tried to block the release of footage from Laquan McDonald's 2014 police shooting.

Pacific Crest Trail hiker, 50, rescued after bad storm hits, says he 'wouldn't have survived another night'

20 Oct 2019 21:26

A hiker who got lost in a snowstorm on the perilous Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon says he wouldn't have lived another night if deputies didn't answer his desperate call for help.

Detroit-area Yemeni expats avoid prison time for sending millions of dollars to native country

20 Oct 2019 21:17

Several Yemeni expats in the Detroit area who pleaded guilty to transferring millions of dollars to their war-torn native country unlawfully will not be going to prison -- after the judge cited a need for "compassion."

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